Leading a professional culture in your school,  25th March

Helen O' Donoghue

We are looking back on an energising and inspiring leadership conference in Hilversum last Friday. Keynote speakers Helen O’ Donoghue and Michael van Praag talked about climate and culture as important factors for achieving organisational goals, staff well-being and staff retention in educational and sports organisations. In round table sessions, chaired by ‘ambassadors’ of the ATTC-leadership course, delegates discussed the distinction between climate and culture, parallels between culture in education and sports and shared ideas about how they could enhance the professional culture
in their schools

The fact, that this was the first major live event after two years of Covid restrictions, the inspiring environment of the M-Media Gebouw and the beautiful weather contributed to the success of
the day.

Johan Peereboom

Helen O’ Donoghue
Michael van Praag