Marline en Rachel over de schoolleiders-opleiding

Marline Schaapherder – directeur de Binckhorst St. Jan Laren: De opleiding Leading Beyond Boundaries heeft mij veel inzicht gegeven in wie ik ben en welk type leiderschap bij mij past. Dit helpt mij enorm in het dagelijks leiding geven aan mijn team en de schoolgemeenschap als geheel.

Rachel Gorman – MYP-coordinator International School Hilversum: The Educational Leadership training offered by the ATTC was a complete re-education in the importance of learning, and beginning every decision-making process with the question of ‘why’. The course provided me with a wide range of knowledge and skills essential for leadership in 21st-century schools, and equipped me to fulfill my own leadership position with a balance of strategy and humanity. I particularly enjoyed the group dynamic afforded by the smaller class sizes, and found the tutors to be approachable, well-qualified, and supportive of my learning journey, especially as a non-native speaker in a Dutch learning environment. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone wishing to extend their capacity as a leader, a teacher, and a person.